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The Sun Of Poetry


When I am surrounded

by the dark clouds of solitude

When I am accompanied by

the darkness of loneliness

I let my pen rain

But before that

I wander in the dark

deep woods of my mind

I try to touch and feel

each and every tree of my thoughts

I sit beneath the shed of my thoughts

to feel their roughness and softness

I experience the differences between

their textures, patterns, nature and mood

I enjoy my journey

when I travel within

when I visit my inner self

During this journey I get a chance

to introspect my thought process

I get an opportunity to refine this whole process

When I wander

in the narrow lanes of my mind

I keep collecting beautiful flowers of words

and fresh green leaves of thoughts

When the pockets of my heart are filled

with the beauty of this jungle

I come back to my pen to pour

my heart out on paper

Now there is no darkness around

My heart is filled with

golden thoughts and sparkling words

The sun of poetry is about to rise

It is ready to spread the light of hope

and beautiful colors of love around.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess