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The Sun Needs His Help

The way a man thinks of a woman
The only purity he will ever know
That is why he dreams of you
You can’t live up to all of that
But that is the fire he feels inside
The pure blue sky on a winter night
Becoming red by his love and pain
A sight he hopes you’ve never seen

He’s not trying to justify anything
He sees your life in one big room
As you walk towards him
Your face changing, your mind too
What was each step thinking?
Adventurous thoughts open and new?
His eyes look at you the same as the past
Now you want what once made you run away

If he makes you unhappy
Will it be what he did or didn’t do
Will it something you could do for him
He won’t become a black cat crossing your path
Only the limits of all he can stand
If you walk where the grass has grown
There may be a snake whose found a home
That’s not who he is, just something that bit him

He finally said, “I know baby, I know”
When he looks into your eyes
He sees how you struggle to keep up
He hopes he’s the one thing you really want
He knows it’s true when the air leaves your body
He’ll carry you across the soft wood
The rain soaked it like life has your mind
But the sun asked him to keep you warm

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