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The Sun Behind The Clouds

Rays Of Sunshine and Hope


Circumstances Get in The Way

Sometimes the sun hides behind a cloud
circumstances get in the way
Things get difficult
we need to pray

People can be tricky
we are not all the same
Personalities can get picky
we play the blame game

Life is not a bed of roses
and thorns will come across our path
frustrations are also are a part of it
its not all a bubble bath

Suddenly the sun reappears
the clouds are swept away
calves skip in the paddock
children come out to play.

Smiling faces are all we see
our attitudes change
the frowning face
it flees.

Just an attitude shift is all we need
reaching out to the lonely and tired
till their smiles begin to grow
time to heal the hearts
trapped in the snow.

Next time the sun hides behind the clouds
and rain spatters on our newly cleaned window pane
remember to remember that soon the sun will shine again
Drenching us in warmth after the winter rain.

Clouds Billow in For A While


Change is here to stay

Life is like a winding road and we do not always know what will be around the next corner. Good to know that good times will come again after the pain.

Sunshine and Roses


Things can get better

Good to know that our lot in life can change for the better and we can feel the warm sun on our face of circumstance.

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