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The Succubus

She is my angelic-devil that I love

And I will not give her up for anyone or anything!

Her voice is as soothing as the calm breeze of the ocean shore

And yet erotic like a forbidden element of the divine

Her silence lures me in

When she speaks I am hooked like the fish on a fisherman’s pole

I am caught and I am hers!

Her touch weakens me like a succubus drawing out my soul

Yet it can strengthen me as well

Devil she may be, demon she may be

Her name is angelic when I speak it aloud

Her eyes glisten in the morning light like rare stones

They captivate me and trap my very soul

I am in love forevermore

with a woman that poisons with her essence only to cure me with her everlasting love.

© 2018 Kevin C Davison

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