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The Strongest Angel with Butterfly Wings

Donna is a lifelong poet and writer, she shares her love of God, and in helping others draw from His strength to get past life's struggles.

The Strongest Angel with Butterfly Wings

She wakes to another day with purple curtains blowing in the wind
It’s another day to savor with hope and dreams a new day begins
She slept well the night even though sadness kissed her good night
So, she decides to take a walk along the shore basking in the morning light

She steps out as far as she can see as she slowly gazes over the ledge
Her eyes move towards the rushing waters below, her foot slips on the edge
The wind catches her dress; her hair hides her face as she smiles at the plight
She gives a smile then closes her eyes... at this moment...she just soared next to Eagles as her guide

She glides so ever gently on the clouds that pass her by
She loves the feeling of dancing and singing; a smile can be seen in her eyes
Butterflies dance beside her braiding her hair while the winds carry her along to places only found in dreams
All of the sudden; light fades like moving picture looking back as She sees him on the couch; sorrow running down his face

Goodbye is not forever as the heartache rings out to the soul as the eyes see through the mist of the love falls with each teardrop...

— Donna Rayne

She rushes to be by his side; she whispers "I love you honey" as she gently kisses his cheek
All her life she had been strong but, on this day, she was so weak
Why? Does it really matter when the seconds turned into days
Oh, how he loved her once then slowly his love began to fade

A small voice whispers in her ear "It's time to pass through the light"
He feels her presence, then uncontrollably starts to cry
His sadness captured her soul and she wanted to stay but sadness is paved with could-haves and should have nots…


She turned away from him as she started to sing goodbye melodies
To dance upon the clouds with the strongest angels with butterfly wings

A forever smile, she blows him the sweetest kiss
She remembers his innocent love, a love he will surely miss
Even as she flies away into the river's unknown
Forgiveness a million times... a love forever is known

She dance all the way home with the Strongest Angel with Butterfly Wings...

She dance all the way home with the Strongest Angel with Butterfly Wings...

© 2019 Donna Rayne

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