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Who is this child so knowledgeable,

She is a blind one, and cannot hear,

Born this way was to be her destiny,

and as she did overcome every fear.

Dearest Helen, was her given name,

As the Great Conqueror is the same.

She set her own course, this heroine,

and from a courageous heart it came.


Who was this boy to be so bent and gaunt,

and was to be born at death's own door.

Overcame the worst of it, as none to blame,

A finest physicist, Stephen was his name.

He became a symbol of greatest courage,

Overcame his disability, his world changed,

Greatest scientist representing this century,

As all of the sciences he so well rearranged.


Could there be any greater than of Albert,

He was born with most severe disabilities.

Not to speak until he was three years old,

and his own writing style not meant to be.

Energy equals MC squared, was composed,

The grand founder and discovery proposed.

Given the Nobel prize, his theory of relativity,

allowed no handicap to stop him, we did see.


As Alexander came on shinning through,

With His new invention of the telephone.

One great man of the century exposed,

Helped the deaf to hear, he was known.

Though Born with some learning disability,

and no better example for us each to see.

Handicaps will never keep all heroes back,

Despite all of their abilities, of each to lack.


No finer wonder than of so precious Stevie,

the greatest example, his strength to us all,

His musical prowess astounding our world,

Making our lives likened to a grandiose ball.

Singing songs with such a magnificent voice,

As he plays the piano with such an expertise,

No better one to so represent the successful,

and is so very hard to realize he has inabilities


The strong of heart shall never have any limits,

As every challenge to each one is to be met.

An inner strength will always see them through,

No matter tough hurdles, how hard it does get.

Let the world be inspired by the children of God,

Those wonders and miracles seen in every one.

Each put here as a finest symbol of His own love,

Giving us strength, all determination, from above.


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