The String-Bound Universe

Updated on December 7, 2017

All String-Bound

Of covering, of centering, of quartering, with strings;

Of renderings, engendering; a story of many things.


The subtle throb of sub-nanoscopic strings;

Existence into the realm of reality it brings;

So pronounce the learned cosmologists.

To simply explain in the practical domain;

An analogy with notional parity too to maintain

Will be, a note strung by instrumentalists.

These are the thoughts precise, that invariably rise;

Whenever I happen to see the musical device;

That not long ago, elegantly adorned our attic;


An occasional inspiration, to effect articulation

Of a melodious, harmonic, sense-enunciation,

Would have me pluck it and go intensely ecstatic.

Then occurred a muser, an ingenious seducer;

To fashion a mannequin as the device user,

And have her grace our cozy living space.

Soon the rumination transformed, quite unharmed;

Its ramifications enthralling all those informed,

She was to have the likeness of my wife's face.

To keep with the theme, I devised a scheme,

Of construction under a string-full regime,

That on paper sported a delicate demeanor;

With strings of every kind, all intertwined;

When concepts, fiber, and metal, combined;

In strength, there wasn't one more meaner.

Four months it had taken; with focus unshaken;

To make poise and beauty in her awaken;

It was indeed a labor of love and devotion.

But it led to a situation, filled with consternation,

Put me in a spot of immense botheration;

My affection for it caused a big commotion.

'Twas no surprise, that there was a compromise,

To spill details, on my part, utterly unwise;

When the matter is one between those I adore.

Suffice to say, that peace does hold sway;

The replica presides, the real directs night and day;

And I have no dominion over my life any more.

A consolatory thought, after the damage is wrought,

Is that the string-theory declares this to be ought;

In truth though, the only thing it does is confound.

With a logic so sound, no longer does it astound,

If the notion, one were to forcefully expound;

That the universe and existence is all string-bound.


Here is a rather binding question:

Don't you feel always string-bound, notionally at least?

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      • profile image


        13 months ago

        Amazing work of art (both the mannequin and poem)- I echo a comment that was made some time back- I was fortunate to see the real thing- amazing concept!

      • profile image

        Suchitra Durai 

        14 months ago

        Amazing work of art (both the mannequin and poem)

      • Ram Ramakrishnan profile imageAUTHOR

        Ram Ramakrishnan 

        14 months ago

        Thank you for your visit to the string-bound universe and your comment on it.

      • Nancy Owens profile image

        Nancy Owens 

        14 months ago from USA

        You are a very talented poet! I like that you can take a complex thought, or concept and with rhyme and verse, craft vivid prose to ponder the bounds of humanity and lyric alike. Thank you for writing this.

      • profile image

        R Krishnan 

        14 months ago

        Glad that Vishnu and I had the opportunity to see the string sculpture physically rather than via HubPages!

      • profile image

        Ramesh Srinivasan 

        14 months ago

        Very nice to read, this. You get string-bound instantly.

      • Ram Ramakrishnan profile imageAUTHOR

        Ram Ramakrishnan 

        14 months ago

        Greetings to you, my friend and thank you for visiting the String-Bound Universe!

      • manatita44 profile image


        14 months ago from london

        String-bound? Don't know Bro. You have done a marvellous job and painted some beautiful pictures.


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