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The Story of the Brave Crab Pau Ammu.

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.

Velvet Crab.jpg

Velvet Crab.jpg


In one day the eldest magician

was able to collect all the beasts

as a magical politician

he explained to them their future feats.

“You must play at being who you are

and the world will follow your movement.

You will create the tree from the air

through your play we will find improvement.”

When the man and his daughter arrived

to explain they were too wise to be tasked

and their magic world seemed too contrived,

obedience is all that they asked.

Well, Pau Ammu, the crab, did not care

to be obedient to the man

the crab scuttled to sea under stare

of the daughter who watched as he ran.

The next day the eldest magician

took a look at this world of their play

even though not mathematician

he was pleased with the outcomes that day.

Then the man and his daughter returned

to find oxen would help tend the land

yet their fishing was not what they learned

severe tides would arrive, most unplanned.


Their destroyed fishing gear would return

to their feet with each wave and froth,

they questioned all that they could have learned,

animals disobedient wrath.

Eldest magician and man to sea

where they asked the fisherman in moon

of the animals who still roam free

who bring destructive waves at high noon?

When finally spoke daughter of man

on how crab was hiding in Peach roots

after creating, Pau Ammu ran

under tree to avoid man disputes.

Now the man needed to learn lessons

that the curtains were pulled on this play

and now tides became main discussion

on Pau Ammu’s victorious day.

So when crab is asleep tides are low

and when crab needs to eat tides are high

these are in’s and out’s of this show

so the man better disguise his sigh.

Other crabs mythologies are told

to our children as they sit by fire

Pau Ammu’s story never gets old,

to win liberty, we should aspire.

© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann