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The Story of a Sand Castle - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Every week Brenda Arledge our fellow hubber is giving us one specific word to evoke our creative faculties asking us to write something creative on that topic. For week 48, the word given is 'sand'.
The word sand evokes myriads of thoughts in our minds and I was recollecting the time of my childhood when I learnt how to make a sandcastle on the beach. A child is very happy when its dreams are achieved in real life. But a child is oblivious of nature's cruelty and its bizarre patterns of bringing distress and gloom.

This poem is a culmination of similar thoughts coming into my mind and I am presenting it here. The end of the poem may look sad and pessimistic but that is the reality of our lives and we have to learn and face them to struggle in the journey ahead. Many times we can contemplate and plan in our lives for a happy and fruitful outcome of the actions but destiny has something else stored for us which could be a surprising and shocking thing in our lives.

So the lesson learnt from the adversities is quite straight forward and we have to keep up doing our efforts in the desired direction for achieving the objectives and goals set in our lives from time to time.

The story of sand castle

That seashore was having,

A magnificent beach.

I was a child dwelling nearby,

So it was in my reach.

I was fascinated,

With the golden yellow sand.

It was lying there,

Spread under nature's hand.

I took it in my hands,

It was moist and cooling my fingertips.

I started moulding it,

And it took myriads of shapes and jibs.

I was excited to see it,

And use my creative outlet.

I was pondering if,

I could make a small castle set.

I sat down and started,

Converting my thoughts into shaping the sands.

Soon I was through with a castle,

Made entirely with my hands.

My dream was achieved,

As I fulfilled that long-cherished desire.

This was my creation,

Which could not be destroyed even with fire.

And then the inevitable happened,

Through the winds and their hassles deep.

A strong tide drenched me,

And the castle converted to a sand heap.


© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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