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The Story of Love and Hate

I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?


It is a story, you may call it a legend
Nature gifted us hearts of tender bend

Whosoever shall play with fire, burns
A soul in passion fights but then runs

Come to the doors of unknown lands
Chance your eyes with mysterious bands

A kind, soft and articulate man of honors
Comes across that lass with cold manners

He had passions but futile to that girl-beast
What could he do but to show love's feast

Days are numbered, moments live no longer
The more he went into effort, the snake ponder

He called it a failure of understanding the prospect
Finding the right person, caress her and retrospect

That beast-like girl was egoistic to her full throttle
A show-off, greedy and abusive was her bottle

To commit feelings with such a diminish creature
The kind man was frustrated, usually in sad posture

Till came a day that he damned love and all lovers
' It is a cheap show of feelings,' cried he to summers

The next years were full of nothing much to talk
She got colder, he got kinder-time took a walk

That beast girl was bonded to one who was arrogant
A marriage that was ridiculous, went on a rampant

She was now ill for the ill treatment of her partner
often she thought of what she missed, stupid gunner

The life or the time doth give any reasonable chance
This was a slap of the fate, in her utter misery dance

The kind man, found the charms and love's rise
A girl with pretty smile and laden starry fay eyes

To his thankfulness, nature accepted his truest feel
Bestowed him with a fairy of heavens finest peel

The lovers become the haters, alright, but the sufferer
That bonny lass with cold heart, or the kind one is winner?

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas

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