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The Story of Lillee Rhose - The Dawn

Donna Rayne is a life-long author of beautiful poetry. She gets her inspiration from the love she cherishes from God.

Lillee Rhose

Lillee Rhose

Greetings from Lilliee Rhose

I am back and ready to write again. This poem "The Story of Lillee Rhose" is about my journey coming back to myself in which I lost. What prompted this poem is that I had realized that before you know it, the years pass by before you realize the death of your heart, it will and does heal but what does it take to get to that place where you can love and trust again? Time will only tell...

Thus, the beginning of The Story of Lillee Rhose - The Dawn

The Story of Lillee Rhose - The Dawn

The morning dew rose upon her face as she readied herself, then she knelt to pray
Help me O God, this was a reoccurring prayer that she prayed every day
Yet, her days were always the same, she hoped for reciprocating affection
Which she always waited for; it never came leaving her with blank expectations

The loneliness was more than she could bear, the loss filled her head
She found herself walking between the crossroads of love and thoughts of pure dread
The sadness ran deep inside her veins; she was afraid to make that first move
For she loved him more than anything yet, he remained the fool!

Emptiness replaced what once was her heart, it haunted her to the core
When did loving her become a burden and such a mundane chore?
When she gave her love freely, yet he chiseled it down to the bone
Leaving her heart in a thousand pieces with nothing left to call home

Nothing was right, no matter what she did, his silence was consuming her thoughts
It wrang loudly in her ears, he wanted the goods but not at his cost
Lillee was exhausted, she wanted to end this pain and she needed to do it now!
But how? Her love for him was gravely ill and there was no way out!

Once was is left behind...

Once was is left behind...

She thought everything about her was wrong so much that she gave up on hope
But the Lord immediately took her hand and told her that it was not so
"Lord, but I gave him everything that I had, but somehow, he wanted more
Lillee knew what she had to do; the time had come to walk out that door

The fear stopped her in her tracks, "do I really know what I am doing or where his heart is really at?"
She could hardly breathe, a chance at love was soon to be gone… just-like-that!
Just like the mist eludes the trees on a warm summer’s day, the sparkle that once was starts to slowly fade
How could we have gotten to this point in our lives, the harsh reality sets in with no escape

So, today’s the day I see, all chances were given, your promises unfulfilled
You said that you loved me and that you always will
But the silence was loud in my face, "just take your things and get out of my way"
Your actions spoke louder than any words that you could have spoken, as you buried our love that day

The score wasn’t settled with hate; it was graciously given
Forgiveness outshined what was expected with no hesitation
She packed her bags, ticket in hand, Jesus by her side
This is the story of Lillee Rhose and about the triumphs of her life…

Donna Rayne


Thank you for reading my poem, this story (poem) is an adventure, a journey if you will, and I will be adding to this somewhat of a series of poems throughout my journey, no, I haven't given up on love... the dawn is the beginning, and the sun comes up in the morning... See you soon!

© 2022 Donna Rayne

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