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The Story Has Ended!


The story has ended
Or has it just blended?

With the dreams and ashes
Or with the promises mended?

Was it simply meant this
Or the complicated and offended?

Wishes were befriended
Or was it a lust to rend it?

The princess has rested
Or has she lost it?

The prince charming has rented
Or has he found the one he searched?

The shoe has been fitted
Or has it been forced in?

The Cinderella has waited
Or has she only wasted it?

The true love has returned in
Or was it just rotten fin?

The quest has ended
Or was this never meant it?

Let the story rent in
For another bent it

Because princesses dreamt it
And princes went in

Because stories are well writ
With the happy end it persists

Do not dig deep in
The hearts that melt in

The love they sought in
Because they fought it

To all they finally lost in
Thus the story still run in

Thy memory to write it!

As some are meant in

To remain unended!

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir

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