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The Storm Is Over.

Love can make you think about the truest things. I for one enjoy the topic of love in its darkest and lightest forms.


Finally I can breath,

Finally I can be myself,

Finally I no longer feel small,

Finally, the rainbow has returned.

After years of being in a relationship that was mentally draining I can say I am free.

After days of having to pretend I can be myself.

After hours of trying to prove my love I can finally believe in myself.

After seconds of trying to convince myself that it would work I am sure that working on myself is more beneficial.

The happiness I can't keep to myself.

I want to stand on top of a building and shout that I am free.

I am no longer captive.

I feel alive.

The storm is over,

The sun is shining bright in the sky,

The rainbow is high above the sky and

I am pretty sure I found the gold at the end of it.

© 2020 Hertha David

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