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The Sting Of Reopened Wounds

Emee.chan is a person who draws inspiration for writing poems from past experiences. We all do it like that, after all.


The Sting

They still sting you?
The memories, I mean.
Sometimes it's better to just come clean.

They sting differently after a year or two, four or five,
But every now and then
they do cross your mind.

The process of healing isn't easy nor is it short.
It takes time, patience and a bit of effort.

It all depends what you're healing from- a broken friendship or someting more.
It takes time to move on.

Do you listen to sad songs
before you cry yourself to sleep?
Those are some of the worst kind of stings.

You feel it also while thinking of what could've/should've been, and ain't that just you beeing a fricking masochist?

Is it a habit for you to hurt yourself while digging up old memories? To pull at your heartstrings, to shed tears?

You should rid yourself of that habit.
Because after a while, it's all it is- a habit.

Healing your heart and mind does take time.
Once you don't feel the sting
you know you'll be just fine.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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