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The Stars Aren't up There!

I share my love for writing through these poems and stories.


I remember,

Somewhere in my younger days

the deadliest devil of'em all

entered my life.

This silent one had his death stare on me

and lingered on for a long time

to find the perfect moment to pounce on me.

In a time when

I was completely broken;

he laid his icy fingers on me,

The flicker of light inside me struggled to stay lit

and the darkness covered my soul like a monstrous wave.

I didn't saw an end

So I ran out as fast as I could.

it was dark and cold, didn't mind

Think I have fallen once or twice

hardly felt it,

cause a pain greater was latched onto my soul.

After a great distance,

I stopped by a meadow

where the cool breeze of night

brushed against my strands of hair.

The orb of night was absent,

and It was a starry horizon,

With the celestial beings lightyears away

trying hard as they could to light up the world.

They asked me:

My Friend, why frown on this fine night,

I replied:

I don't know how to describe it,

It's a wound inside me

it sucks the joy of life, makes us hate ourselves;

convinces everything is worthless.

Puts a mask on our face, makes us smile

even though we are dead bitter inside.

Now tell me oh' guardians of the skies

can you light up my world, cast the demons from my mind,

bring the shine back up my soul?

The wise one of north replied:

before creation, we were one.

We were stardust, waiting for the creator

to shape us into incredible beings that can gleam his light onto the world;

and when our time came, he said to me-

You'll become a star, and will inherit the rightful place in the cosmos, with my permission to watch over the mortals for billions of years.

But even with all this splendor and magnificence, your radiance will only be seen as a little spot in the skies.

I accepted his will and became a star.

with a pause the star continued:

But with you he was different, he took you in his arms

sculpted you with great care, and at the end

took the luminescence and hid it inside you.

He said-

You'll live and die in a fraction of time, but the light you hold inside will be a beacon of hope for people till the end of time.

They will find joy and love when you shine bright like your brethren.

Though bear in mind- It will never be easy and you'll have to find your spark, amidst the evil's attempts to steal it.

the northern star then continued:

See my friend, we are not so different.

Deep inside you is a flicker

that yearns to be set ablaze;

To share this light, to spread this joy

is the reason you were sent from above.

I see you battling this demon

but you sure can win this war, my friend;

You can be the best among all

and it only can be done if you only surround yourself

with the luminous stars around you.

They will guide at first.

But it is up to you

to keep going,

to decide

whether to stay lit.

To spread the joy to people around you.

and be memorable and be amazing.

To shine the incredible rays of light onto those

in darkness.

After this revelation

I realized-

The one who remains above

didn't place the stars in skies above.

He placed it in us

and in those around us.


© 2021 Jeevan Maria

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