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The ‘Stars’ Still Shine

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

The Stars Still Shine

The Stars Still Shine

Stars—The Thoughts Behind My Response

The following set of poems have been composed with the weekly word prompt, given by my fellow writer and dear friend, Brenda.

Her weekly word prompts have inspired many fellow writers, and there is a continuous flow of good creative writing, by them.

Word Prompt— Stars

I am a bit late in my response. ’Stars’ give me a nostalgic feeling.
I have enjoyed reading the responses of other fellow writers. Significantly, most of them have associated watching the ‘Stars‘ to their childhood.

In the earlier prompt, 'Summer' also, there is a correlation with the childhood times of the esteemed writers.

This made me think—-

Why do we stop watching the Stars, or enjoying the Summer vacations, as we used to do in our childhood?

The Moon still shines, the Stars still twinkle, the cool breeze still sings in the night. Perhaps, due to the complexities of adulthood, we forget to observe the beautiful Nature, or the beauty all around us, as we grow up.

My poem is a reflection of these thoughts.
Hope you like my little response, Brenda.

Stars shine in the dark sky

Stars shine in the dark sky

The ‘Stars’ Still Shine—Poem

Often, in those lovely childhood days,

In the quietness of the cool moonlit nights,

When life was so simple, and bright,

And, little things made my days,

Watching the twinkling ‘Stars’,

Lying on my home terrace,

With my superstar siblings,

One of our favourite entertainment,

Wondering, giggling on funny topics,

What would the ‘Stars’ speak,

What will they do or say,

What if, we could hear them,

Stars still shine bright in the night,

But, we forget to watch or talk to them.


** “Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven,

Blossomed the lovely Stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.”

—Henry Wandsworth Longfellow

** “Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

** “When life gets too overwhelming, just look up at the night sky, and lose yourself for a while.”

—Deborah A Ten Brink

Acrostic Poems on Stars

Shining brightly,

Tonight, and every night,

Amazingly brilliant,

Radiantly luminous,

Shimmering ‘Stars.’

Stars dance in the night,

Twinkle and shine,

All around the sky,

Ravishing, and glistening,

Serenity personified.

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan

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