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Dancing Willows in the Waterfalls of Time

Poetry allows the release of my innermost feelings. Let me explain by painting a picture in your mind with words!

About this Poem

We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives and though some are harder than others to get through, know that Jesus is always by your side to carry you through. Those tough times will pass, and it is then that we will be able to see how Jesus was always by our side.

I've been there many times in my life and I'm sure there are many more to come. There were times when I just didn't think I could make it! Or even if my family would make it through those exhausting times, mine range from my oldest son being abducted when he was a teen and he was beaten and left for dead, but the Lord saved him and had other plans for my son. Yes, he is doing well.

Then I also had a traumatic brain injury eighteen years ago and though I will never be the same (I don't think I want to be the same) I've grown since then and continue to stay in the Word, pray daily and one of the main goals in my life is to spread the Good News of Jesus, share his word and fill the world with kindness.

I pray your challenging times will pass and that you always remember that when life gets tremendously tough it was then that Jesus carries you...

Thoughts of yesterday's love whirls in her mind...

Thoughts of yesterday's love whirls in her mind...

Dancing Willows in the Waterfalls of Time

The night tells all, and it needed nothing to set the call, yes,
she hears the screams engulfing the nothingness of time
Who makes the call when no one is speaking?
Her heart hears voices that crawl in the mind

She tried with all her might to grasp the stars in her hands
and to let them go to the places not seen by man
As she soars through the galaxy
It takes her away to the next plight of her dreams

as they fade into black and white then vanish...

The Deep is Dark

She doesn’t know what got her to this place
or how to even go back to the pain of living
She’s not wishing for death; she is longing to live and be happy
just the money changers give the Lost nothing

How did she get here?
She thinks back to happier times
and what love once felt like
The call of enduring love and the stillness of this plight

Thoughts of him were still vivid memories...

Thoughts of him were still vivid memories...

Dancing Willows in the Waterfalls of Life

She settles her feet firmly on the sands of the meadow
where happier times made her smile,
where she once danced under the waterfalls
amongst the weeping willows.

Time has no clock, and nothing keeps time –
just a moment of silence
when she knew what love meant
and she wished for the young fellow

To find her yet again,
This was safety, she knew
He would carry her through the challenging times
and show her what true love means

She's running through the meadows
while calling out to Jesus Christ
Come save me!
For I've lost my way because I've sinned...

You are Never Alone

You are Never Alone

He Calmed the Rushing Waters

Jesus! She calls out his name again!
"I need you to save me!"
"I know you hear my plea!"

And in an instant-

He was before her, in all His glory
holding her fast in His arms
she then fell to her knees
Worshipping Him through the perilous storms

He calmed the rushing waters
as he set her on her feet,
Just keep me in your sights
And one day ye shall see eternity

Seek forgiveness, joy, and love,
no matter how hard life gets,
Jesus will always carry you
through the trials of this life

But don't forget

Cherish every moment that God has given you
Soon His Son will return
Just trust in Him with all your heart, mind, and soul
He will hold you through this life, until it's time to go home...

My beloved,

The Lord will never leave you, or forsake you
even when you think that you are all alone...
He is always there by your side...

"Let me paint you a picture - a picture with words"

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of writing poetry!

I praise the Lord for the gift of writing from my heart in hope of touching your hearts and bring the joy of beautiful memories past and future.

And most of all in sharing my love of Christ Jesus with the world- Amen

— Donna Rayne

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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