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The Sprouted Stump

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Poem dedicated to my sibling, Miss Elizabeth Ogundare, for scaling through opposition’s attacks at her work-place.

1. The seed of a plant

Was taken to unknown

Land, sown there and

Becomes a mighty tree

2. Different animals started taken

Shelter under thine blessed

Blossoming n leafy branches

While you house others

3. Thou encourage living by

Removing dangerous atm’pheric air

And releasing good air

For all to use


4. The sense of smell

Of insecta were stimulated

By thine pleasant smell

They flock to thee

5. Animals cannot resist thine

Flower for its scent

Is wondrous non-toxic

Neither allergic to any

6. Fruit being the end

Product of thine flow’r

Is edible for all

Could also make rich

7. One would think animals

Would be happy and

Contented with these benefits

They’re enjoying from thee

Lizzy in her office

Lizzy in her office

8. The cutting down of

Thine stem shows that

Some of them were

Not happy with thee

9. Hopes seem lost, future

Seems bleak for those

Who wert enjoying thee

Yea, for thine self

10. “Though thine stump was

Yet in the ground

But environment never made

Them think of hope

11. Soon it was the

Spring-time, the roots

Of thine stump touch

Water, thou started growin’

12. Hopes come alive, animals

Insecta are in revelries

Shame covers the unhappy,

Hid for the turnaround


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