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The Sponge Effect

Madalyn Myers is the author of a Autobiography called Maddy' s I Am Here The Memoirs Of Madalyn.


The dark space in their heart would not heal

Their metaphoric mindset would not stop thinking

Looking at a building that would not rise

Stuck in Limbo with void concentration

Sporadically attending to the wants of others

But never noticing oneself

With piercing eyes that no one could see

The antidote to a problem

Analyzing the visual aspect and unspoken quotes

No one knew their pain within

A hardened heart with The Sponge Effect

So lonely, So Lost, So broken

A language that someone knows

Hybernating in turn of a new season

Where a wound is in depth to the soul

Vicariously questioning the behavior of ingenious and humanity

Only to imagine the art of the soul

© 2018 Madalyn Maria Myers

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