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The Spiritual Voyage


A Soul's Voyage

To see oneself in all
and all in oneself
is the height of wisdom

Inhale the breath of the fakir
the outbreath of the flower
Touch a grain of sand
and spend eternity in an hour

Abandon comfortability and luxury in a hurry
Time is short my friend, so embark
upon the only journey which matters
That spiritual voyage of inner discovery

Everything connects to everything
The seed of the tree also has the tree therein
The drop of water contains the ocean
Mary gives birth to Jesus, the Messiah
and He, the Word of God within
"We have sent Prophet after Prophet in succession"

Ashes to ashes, then, and dust to dust
Forget wants, wealth, knowledge, forget lust
Give away all your belongings,
Lest your soul begins to rust

"It is not eyes that are blinded, but hearts"
Love opens the heart, heart opens the eye
Start living the truth of the Hidden Friend,
"Only the faithful hearts can encompass me"

© 2019 Mo Durrani