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The Spirit of my Mother. Monday's Inspiration 85

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Quotes from Manatita

"Angelic in smiles; sacrifice in her Heart and selflessness in her soul of beauty." - Manatita

my mother

my mother

The Spirit of my Mother

Today she wore no masks, just natural

Beauty, spinning, spinning from a Heart

Of towering Love. I washed her hair, those

Grey strands reminding me of the silvery moon;

Of endurance, fortitude; of the many years of struggle.

Her eyes, the seat of the soul, spoke of an

Empress of great resilience, concern and self-

Giving, amidst almost impossible odds.

The glazed stain of the cataracts was still there,

Memories of a dark wine called diabetes that attacked

Her brain; her Islets of Langerhans, made her legs

Like dark clouds, reeling from the ails of neuropathy.

I washed her face, her sturdy hands and neck.

They showed signs of a Queen who was born

To bear, to love; to pay a heavy price for loving.

Her face was dignified, filled with the majesty of an

Empress who bore life’s challenges without complaint.

Yet the numerous invisible scars she carried were still

There, her merits waiting to be read in Paradise,

For unstoppable and speechless deeds, of one

Who gave so much; yet asked for so little.


Her palm and fingers carried the marks of diligence,

Of sheer hard work, as did her bosom, shielding the

Immaculate and curvaceous mammary glands, that

Served to offer all to her seven wonderful children.

There they lay, still dignified with age, stately, as the stretch-

Marks on her waistline; the glint of heaven which still shone

In her eyes, her cheeks and glistening smile, of constant

Laughter in the face of heavy, and almost unbearable odds.

I offered her the soap and flannel. She still had

The gift of being able to use her left hand, and

‘Though she did not speak, it was important to me

To maintain her self-esteem, respect and decorum,

As she washed her middle beneath the sheets.

This was a woman who lived for us, like the cosmos

To Mother Gaia, her golden tears - like rain - nourishing

Our roots; her smile and service --a radiant sunshine,

Feeding our petals and blossoms with candescent delight.

I washed the rest of her body, knowing that the Spirit

Of her fire was with me; with us, that the dust

Of her life would linger, long after she was gone, still

Paving our diamond paths, for much brighter tomorrows.

O Light, my awakening Light, You that adorn the

Core of my mother’s soul with Your magnificence, Come!

Jai T’aime. Yo te quiero, mi querida madre.

Nakupenda mama, medoh wo papapa. Ai!

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 4th June, 2021.


Quote from Manatita

"A purity-white Heart, she was and a life of selfless service." - Manatita


© 2021 manatita44

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