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Wonder Cat

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Thank You My Furry Little Friend

It was just a little after midnight

I thought I would write a little before bed

Nothing has been striking my fancy lately

Everything in my life has been going pretty smooth

The weather has been in the low 70's which is quite comfortable

I would take this weather all year round

As I sat down in front of the computer

Gathering my thoughts

I pulled up a chair next to me

My cat Charlotte decided to join me

I welcome the company

I can sit and write for hours and she will fall off to sleep

Without notice she will occasionally get up for food or water

I wasn't sitting down for a minute

Charlotte jumped down

Just when I thought she was going to settle in for the night

She looked around

I seen nothing

She now headed in the other room

In a split second she was back in the kitchen

I still see nothing

Then she made a leap to the table

I went to shoo her down

You know you don't belong there

Then I seen only for a second what she sees

A bug buzzing at full speed

I know because I could hear the noise

A Japanese Beatle

In and out of the kitchen light

It darted almost quicker than the eye could see

With great speed and accuracy

I went to get a hand held bug zapper that I had since last summer

As I looked around the kitchen and thought

Where did I put it last

I found a plastic fly swatter and said well this will have to do

I know from past experience if the bug leaves this room

It could disappear into another room

Soon my wife and I would be off to sleep

It really makes me mad

In the past we have woken up with an ankle or back bite

I know I didn't have when I went to sleep

Then within a milli second our cat took another swipe

Down on the table the bug had been knocked out of the air

Plucked like a four leaf clover

From a whole lot of nothing

I quickly pinned the bug under the plastic fly swatter

To finish it off

With one final squish

I could hear the sounds of crackling

Charlotte still looking for her victory

I took away all her glory

I praised her

Good job, good job

Patting her on her head

As she walked down by my feet

The other day she caught another bug

Chopping down before we could get it away

Mmmm that must of been delicious

I don't want to get a lick from you tonight

I reached under to get her a cat treat

We give her three at one time

She was in her glory

The two of us went right back to sitting down

Just like nothing had happened

To be so talented and with no ego

Wow it is so nice to have a loyal protector

By my side

Looking so relaxed and calm

Ready for action

At a moments notice

I feel so important

How lucky am I ?

I have my armed guard

Skilled with no formal training

Thanks to her keen instincts and sharp eye sight

A natural

If anyone detects a bug in the house

That keeps dodging the bullet

Bothersome and plain annoying

Never mind dirty and nasty

Give us a call

1 - 800 - CAT- FIND

Ready, willing and able

To solve your flying insect problems

Work for next to nothing

A couple of cat treats

Charlotte will be so happy

To provide you with good, quick service

She won't leave to your completely sastisfied

Day or night

24 seven

A job well done

An A rating with the Better Business Bureau

Awarded the " Best Cat Service In The Nation"

For three years in a row