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The Special Christmas Of 2019

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Another Year Has Come To An End

I hope Santa was good to all of you

How lucky are you

With presents stacked up so high

They can't go any higher

I have had my day

The memory shall be with me forever

Now it's about the joy in a child's face

The thrill of seeing them happy

When you take away all the gifts

The happiness is still there

So it really wasn't about the toys and your wildest fantasies come true

Don't get me wrong

That was a lot of fun

It was really about family or friends

Coming together and sharing the love

Many religions keep trying to tell us

In their own way

Either in church

With God and all that he sacrificed

Leading the way

A love that stays hidden

For some strange reason

We try to hide it all year

Maybe society won't let us

We are shy and don't know how to express ourselves

We all have many reasons to be thankful

This is one way I have Santa beat

My list is longer than Santa's

Like so many other people we have good days and bad days

We have sick days and healthy ones

The combination has always been tilted so far in my favor

Most of my year

Is filled with good time after time

Some people may find that boring

I never get tired of being happy

I am so blessed to leave the drama on stage

For all the actresses and actors to perform

I have a wonderful wife

Who never stops to amaze me

With her generosity and love

My wife and I both have good jobs

That aren't the best

They keep us more than busy

They do give us time together

To do what we want

Last night we took a simple drive to look at the Christmas lights around town

It was so much fun

We pulled my phone out

To take some pictures

The light shined off the glass

So we had to roll down the window

It wasn't long before we got a quick cold air chill

We couldn't raise the window fast enough

So bad as our pictures were

Hurry, hurry

There happen to be a car behind us every time

Nowhere to pull over

A tree in the way

I moved at the last moment

There was another house on your side I missed

Well we will have to have to get it on the way back

Of course, we forgot

To busy talking about when we first met

We got pizza one night

We drove around and ate pizza and looked at Christmas lights

That night we said we would make it a tradition

It wasn't till now

We remembered that we forgot

Maybe next year we will try this again

It has been seventeen years in the making

My wife corrected me

Twenty years in the making

Everyone sets up there own house different

Sometimes a few simple things

Maybe just a red or green light

There are those people who decorate from top to bottom

They even have lights on there mailbox

I think it looks fantastic

I drive off and think wow that was something special

I wouldn't want to take it all down when Christmas is over

It makes me sad

When all the bright shiny lights and the beautiful glow is gone

I do love all the days and nights

That we laughed all year

Making each other the happiest we have ever been

I guess if I could have one wish

It is to see more people share their own joy

In commercials, we see when family surprises their own loved ones

When their servicemen and woman come home

They will never be forgotten

Because they keep us safe

So we can enjoy the littlest freedom

I have great respect

For all those people who dedicate their lives to protect

That goes for police and firemen too

All emergency personnel

Ambulance drivers to people who come in disaster relief situations

Doctors and nurses

Every nursing home is filled with nurses aides and staff

That keeps our elderly out of harm's way

This winter is a white Christmas

The weather is not the coldest ever

Still cold enough with an inch of snow on the ground

I guess I would want people to be safe and warm

Have a good day

Make it special

So one day

Fifty years from today

You might remember

Your own story of Styrofoam building blocks

All the way to the ceiling

Swaying back and forth

Ready to fall at any moment

Screams of joy

Parents who love us

Dreams so beautiful

Because we keep dreaming

Merry Christmas for all

So it can be a special memory you will have for years to come