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The Source of His Wealth #4

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The cause of the accident was due to bad road which has several pot holes on it, the citizens of the island have been complaining about the condition of the roads in the island but the government of the island have plugged their external and internal

Ears with thick cotton wool such that the calls of the people do not enter the ears of the government leaders and representatives let alone thinking about how they will fix the road. The island bureau of statistics have recently submitted their reports to the international

Bureau of statistician that road accidents is the second major cause of death apart from malaria in the island, and they have equally submitted this to the needed authorities but they have not looked into it and have continued to leave the roads of the island in the state of

Disrepair while many promising youths and entrepreneurs’’ lives have been cut short through accidents. All those who got to the site of the accident could not but shed tears for what they have seen, how the human bodies have been battered and butchered by the long

Vehicle that ran into the commercial vehicle. A driver who has been following the commercial vehicle would state that the accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle was trying to navigate through one of the craters on the road, he did not know that a trailer is near.

As the man was trying to dodge the craters so was the long vehicle driver too, he was also trying to dodge the crater before him in the process of doing this, he lost his grip of the steering wheel and ran into the vehicle she boarded and kill all on board on the spot. She left


Her vehicle at home because she is scared of driving for a long distance. The news of their death did not reach the island until days later and when the young man got there he was directed to the federal hospital morgue close by, on getting there he could not identify her

Body because the bodies of the people have been badly butchered by the trailer. He left the place sorrowful. The government of the island buried those people when their bodies could not be identified by people. He was hit by the incident such that he was a shadow of

Himself for weeks. After sometimes people talked to him that he needs to take that off his heart and continue to live his life. He left the place he was living at and continued with his business. His business continues to grow, and it was not long that his guardian starts to hear

About his wealth in the new island and he has been worried of how he has come about his source of wealth within some years. While people have been speculating about his source of wealth with many people doubtful of how he has come about his wealth, one of the bank

Officers who has been aware of the relationship between the young man and the young woman before her demise told people about how he came about his wealth saying it was unfortunate that the young woman died when she wants to make further progress in her life,

And according to what the young man has stated, the woman was about two months old pregnant for the man before the unwholesome incident happened. The people were sorry to hear this, stating that it was quite disheartening that the young man did not reap out of the fruit of her labor before her death….


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