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The Source of His Wealth #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

The young woman told him that if he agrees to be romantically involved with him she will turn his life around positively. Because of the sufferings that he has experienced, he decides to give the romantic relationship a trial for after all he is after is breaking through and

Breaking forth in the island. God would not descend to help anyone, we are those who will help ourselves, and what does it matter if he makes it through his spouse, many there be all over the world who has made it through their spouses. He agreed to the woman’s

Proposals and they started dating. The woman started taking care of him very well, take him to her house to be living and from there would go to his daily work as a manual labor. Sometimes after this, the woman called him and gave him money which she told him that he

Will be repaying gradually. The money she gave him was $100,000:00 (one hundred thousand dollars) which she said was part of the money her parents left for her, that she has fixed in an account and she wants to test him with it, if he does well with the money, she

Definitely would surprise him. She has been talking with the bank manager on the money since the time he has agreed to be romantically involved with her. She indeed wanted to withdraw all the money which was five hundred thousand dollars for him but the bank

Manager had counseled that she should try him with that amount and if he has performed brilliantly with it, it means he is a person she can rely on and she can come and withdraw the rest for him or transfer it to the account of the man if she likes. The young woman


Appreciated the bank manager for the counsel and did as he has said, given him the money. He was surprised to see the kind of money she has handed unto him for all his life, he has never come across one thousand dollars let alone hundred thousand dollars at once. He

Promised to make judicious use of the money and turn the story of his life around. The young man who has had bit of knowledge about a business when he was very young with his mother in the village, got a place to start the business at the center of the island not too far

From the young woman and then started buying and selling smoked fishes which was the business of her mother in the village. Things started changing for the young man and within short frame of time he becomes a house hold name in that business within the island. The

Young woman was very impressed with the development she sees on daily occasion with the young man and his business. She was also impressed with the love he has been showing her, and she has been talking with the bank manager that she wants to withdraw the rest

Money to trade with because according to her lover, the more the invested money in a business the more the gain. As she was planning this, she received an offer from a company not located within the island who wants to start bringing their products into the island, but

They need someone with a store who has about 10% of the money to start business with. She discussed this with the young man who told her it is a wonderful idea. The woman has traveled to meet with those people when the vehicle she boarded had an accident and all on board died on the spot.