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The Source of His Wealth #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When she moves into the house she started to trouble the young man whom his lover has been a guardian to. When her hostility was too much for the young man, his guardian went and borrow money to get him some equipment so that he starts living alone and would be

Freed from the hostility. After getting him the required equipment, he counseled the young man to leave the island for another. The young man appreciated all he has been able to do for him for close to four years that he has been living with him and left the island for

Another with only two cloths. On getting to the island, he was staying with one of the friend’s of his guardian, but it was as if there was a mark which has been placed on him, the wife of the man he is living with also did not want to have anything to do with him and was

Seriously maltreating him. Because of what he was facing where he has gotten to, one afternoon he fled the house and started living with a new friend he has made at where he was working. They have been living together for two months, before his friend developed

Sickness, and everyone thought the sickness is a trivial thing, but on the third day, the young man gave up the ghost. After the death of his friend people started fleeing from the young man saying he is under some curses. The place where he was working, the man also

Asks that he excuse him for he does not want the ill luck associated with his life to affect his workshop. He dejectedly left the place, on the third day after leaving the place, the landlord forcefully ejected him from the house he lives in because it was not him who rented


The room from the landlord it was the dead person and since the person is no more the man asks that he leaves the apartment. He left the apartment sobbing not knowing where he could leave for again for the world looks bleak to him, he cursed his life cursed everything

About him saying, his mother ought not to have given birth to him assuming she knows she cannot take care of him. He said many things against God because of what he was at that moment passing through. However, along the line while saying all these he remembered the

Prayer his uncle and guardian prayed for him that God would prosper his ways. He got to the bus stop at an unpopular location in the island and there he starts to live. He has a duffel bag which he goes out with daily in that duffel bag is everything he has, thence at times he

May not return to the bus stop to sleep on some occasions and would sleep at another common bus stops within the island. A lady noticed him one day when he went to her store to buy some drinks from the young woman, and they started discussing. It was not long that

They became very good friend, such that he always desires to visit the shop of the young woman for in her he finds support and anchor. Weeks after their friendship, the lady proposed to him, telling him she is in dire need of a spouse, because her spouse has elope. He told him

Story about him and that he does not have the mind of becoming romantically involved with any lady now because in their culture, a young man ought to have regular source of income before daring to venture into the issue of marriage.