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The Source of His Wealth #1

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After he graduated from his master, he continued to live with his guardian who has went to his mother to request that he be living with him because he is a bachelor and lives alone. They were harmoniously living together while his uncle keeps saving money to buy some

Equipment for him that he can start his work with. Things are not easy in the island and his uncle (guardian) too is a junior staff at his work place earning less than $20:00 (twenty dollars) a month as a school teacher in one of the private institutions in the island. Despite his

Income he keeps trying to ensure that he saves towards buying those equipment for the young man who for the past 36 months has been living with him. However, as age is not on the side of his guardian who according to their elder sister has clocked 50 years, he has been

Repeatedly call upon by many of his family members that if he does not want to become a reverend father, he needs to get married. He has appealed to all talking to him about marriage that they should give him more time because of the young man he has enrolled as an

Apprentice under a mechanic master in the island. Many of those who have been talking to him that he needs to get married never want to hear what he has to say about time, he is long overdue for marriage they used to say, emphasizing that, who knows what will happen when

He gets married, his promotion and blessings may come through his wife, for there are people whose promotions have emerged from their spouses, those who ordinarily would have died a pauper assuming they never get married but immediately they got married the doors of


Promotions, blessings, and breakthroughs that the enemies have shut against their lives were flung opened by God after their marriage thence they strongly counseled that he gets married if there is no problem with his sex organs. The enemies may have blocked his ways,

Knowing full well what is ahead for him if he can dare the unexpected but if he continues to rotate on a focus like a hinge of a door on a pivot, he may allow the will of the enemies to continue to subsist in his life, thence, delaying his blessings, for his blessings may have been

Associated to his marital life. Since the people have refused to listen to what he is saying he ignored them and start to live his life knowing full well that if he gets married no one would feed his family for him. He decides to see the young man through his artisanship and

Training periods under the tutelage of the master he has gotten him enrolled. In the meanwhile when it was about four months to the graduation of the young man, who is living with him, he got engaged to a maiden in the island and they have been having wonderful

Romantic moments together. The young man soon graduated from the work place and after the man has paid his master all the money that he required to pay, he was issued a certificate that he can work anywhere within the republic and peradventure he wants to travel

To other island, he can show them the certificate of his graduation if those people would ask of certificates from him. Some weeks after his graduation, the spouse of the man took in and had to move to his house to be living with the man.


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