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The Sounds of Glass Shattering

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It Was A Sunny Morning

The day seemed like so many other days

With winter finally here

The ground covered with a glistening path of white

Both my wife and I had a few things to do

Each going our different ways

We planned to meet later in the afternoon

Putting the Google mini home on Christmas music

Our cat Charlotte could relax to beautiful sounds while we were gone

Dishes left in the sink from the day before

The temperature dropping to the low thirties

After grabbing our winter coats and gloves we headed out

Only twelve days till Christmas left

We started our Christmas shopping but not done

Tight on money we have to wait

We should finish it up after we get paid

I watch the bird feeder twist and sway

The birds have been landing and having a feast

Eating the suet that keeps them warm in the winter and fills their belly too

Works been busy

I shoveled three to five inches of snow the other day

More snow fell yesterday

Later turning to rain

With half of our Christmas decorations up

The tree later today

Things in my life looking bright

Filled with new potential and a keen insight

We had our family Christmas party

It's one day we get to see everybody

There were some people that couldn't make it

They will be surely missed

It has been a family tradition ever since I remember

A wonderful way to love our family both past and present

One of cousins put together an old 35 millimeter film on d.v.d. from 1993

It was really something

Looking back at all the good times

So many of us in one room

The kids

The laughs

The fun

We all looked so young

Who played Santa Clause

It was one uncle then another and another

Then my brother

They all did such a good job

Now the kids our all in college

It is Christmas's like this

That will play over and over in my head

Long after all the good food and deserts our gone

With each shovel full of snow

I hear the same crystal clear sound

Echo across the cold, brisk air

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