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The Sound of the Wind and the Sound of the Rain

Beautiful formations found in the sky


Cherish the Seasons

The sound of the wind

and the sound of rain

Remind us of the seasons

coming around again

Winter arrives with snow and sleet

Footprints are covered

For umbrellas and loungers

there is no need

Curling up on a sofa so warm

The hearth crackling

a cheery sight

back at the farm on a winters night

Rain gushing from the gutters

and pelting on the roof

A thunderous sound

marshmallows on the fire, for those with a sweet tooth.

Each season has its place

We get used to the rhythm

and make a space in our hearts

creating some room

for different sounds and different clouds

from storms with lightening

streams flowing

Green fields abounding

Trees a shiver in the cold

The tall oaks standing so bold

Waiting for Spring

their leaves to unfold

Warm days come again

the snow melts

and the crops appear lush

after the many rains

Some prefer summer

others the snow

but still the seasons will come

and the seasons they will go

Sunlight through the Trees



Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on September 13, 2021:

Thanks John. We are moving into Summer and in Spring at the moment. Must say I love this time of the year, which speaks of new beginnings.Keep well too :)

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 12, 2021:

Your poem describes the seasons very well, Diana. Enjoy the current one.

Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on September 11, 2021:

Thanks Peggy for your comment. By the end of each season I am always ready for a change. The fireside ambiance is always a winner for the colder months and getting out into the wide green open spaces, in summer.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 11, 2021:

Sometimes it is fun to be cuddled up inside with a good book or a pet on one's lap while it is raining outside. I enjoyed your poem about the seasons. We are looking forward to cooler days ahead. We have fortunately gotten plenty of rain this year. I wish we could send some of it to the parched western regions of our country to douse those fires.

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