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The Songs of our Lives

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)


by: Gianella Labrador


The Songs I used to love.
The melody is stuck in my head.
Though titles and lyrics; forgotten.
What were these songs?
I tried hard to remember.
Just like our memories together.
I wanted to cherish them all.
BUT… it’s slowly fading away.
What was that one song we used to play?
Dawn till dusk, the songs are on replay.
These songs used to be snacks to munch on.
May it be morning or afternoon delight.
There’s just love and nothing but love.
In the thin air we both shared to breathe in.

Songs are meaningful, aren’t they?
They speak words that goes deep within our hearts.
Words we can’t relay as it gets stuck by the tip of our tongue.
There are just some phrases better said in a song.
What songs reminds you of me?
Do you still listen to the songs we used to listen together?
What was the first song you ever fall in love with?
Songs have various stories varying on the person’s impression.
Cliche as it seems, it gives roller coaster of emotions.

A happy song can be sad as the memories flashes back.
You’ll realize, those memories will just be forever memories.
Memories that you won’t be able to remake it or create a new.
‘Cause you’ve gone separate ways.
Like songs, you can always replay it in your head and remember.
But eventually, you’ll start forgetting everything.
Even the tiniest details that you used to remember will all be a blur.

The Songs I was so fond of.
What changed?
I used to play these all the time all day;
It’s always on my playlist.
These songs have always been part of my routine.
Have I grown out of it?
Playing these songs now, probably would give me cringe.
Like, what were the odds and circumstances?
That made me love and enjoy these songs?
Did my taste in music changed over time?
What was so special with these songs, when I was so addicted to it?
Might be some special occasions and events, or some kind of season.
The people who influenced me to listen to it? Maybe.
Overheard somewhere and get hooked by the melody? Maybe.
Tells a lot about my current life situation? Probably.

What are the circumstances that makes you fall in love with a song?
What makes you get tired and sick of it all of a sudden?
How does it feel to hear it for the first time dedicated by someone to you?
Then what difference does it make, when you hear it again sang by someone different?
“Ahh he/she’s version was better.”; “Brings back old good times with my favorite Person.”
Is there a chance to fall in love with the song again but for a different vibe and person?
These are just some things, I wonder.

There are songs that are nostalgic as well.
Like on rainy mornings, chilly weather.
That wake up song, you’d know it’s time for breakfast.
The songs that were popularized during a certain kind of “field trip”.
Songs you listen to when you are about to do some general cleaning.
The songs that were on the radio, when you are on your way for clinic check up.
Songs that gives comfort when you are feeling sick.
The songs we play when there is a family date picnic or weekend getaway.
Songs you know it’s a good day cause someone’s cooking something special(yummyyyy!)
Songs we usually get to listen to on our way home.
Songs that are suitable in such cases we have misunderstandings.
Then there are songs that calls for “bonding time!”.
May that be movie night, cooking, baking, swimming, dinner date, name it.
There are songs that we also listen to when we feel alone and unable to sleep well.
Well, there are a lot of things songs can do in your routine.
Can’t list them all but you get the idea.

Songs are special.
What makes a world without music? It’d be so dull and boring.
There’s even a certain song that would give you that push you needed when pooping.


Songs are living proof that we are not alone in this world.

They connect people across borders and boundaries who feels disconnected.

It’s something that tells us you are not alone in whatever you are going through.

There are tons of people who feels the same way.

It is in that sense, we get to help and comfort one another through these songs.

You might not realize it as soon as you publish and record a song you created,

But one way or another, who knows, your song might uplift someone’s soul.

It might be your song that can be an answered prayer for someone to continue with life.

Your song might go a long way by inspiring others to stay strong and continue fighting!

Some songs gives light, hope, and encouragement to those people who badly needed it.

Then there are just some songs that can heal a person.

Unknowingly. You can never tell what can songs do to people.

It’s somehow amazing and the possibilities are somewhat endless!


Indulge into listening to songs!

It can offer you lots of things.

It can change your life as well.

Maybe gives you a turn of 360° filled with plot twists.

Some refreshing changes to your life perspective?

Maybe.Listening to various genre and different languages,

You can learn a lot about life that aren’t normally taught in school.


Through songs, we get to learn about others’ experiences.

Applying it to ourselves later on if ever we encounter similar situations.

We also get to see a perspective that helps us understand people older or younger. What are the things they think about?

Problems and challenges they face? Etc.

The songs they listen to also tells a lot about their personality.

What are the things they tend to hide?

What are the things they let the public know?

You can always lie to others but how long can you keep lying to yourself?


Are there songs too that when people listen to it, somehow depicts a cry for help?

If someone notice it, that is.

There are some songs you desperately keep listening to in hopes when someone hears it,

They’ll understand, “this person needs me, he/she is in a tight situation as the song describes.”

Kind of thing.

Well, it might just be an illusion or an imagination of a scenario.

Could be a hint of reality that’s mixing with a fantasy?


These thoughts in my head,

Started with curiosity, it was going smoothly.

Seems like, a broken vinyl record.

Now messed up, all over the place, choppy.

You barely can’t understand any longer the words

I’m trying to convey.

Will I ever finish the words I’m trying to say?

Are there any song I could use as an alternative if I fail?

Will my words ever reach you?

Or like an interrupted wi-fi connection,

So much buffering and glitching of sounds,

you barely won’t understand a word.

Until it so happens it got disconnected for real and the message didn’t reach you.

At the very least, maybe there was something you’ve got from me.

May it be an indirect message or things you realized up to this point.


As long as I can still remember a lot of things,

As long as my memories with you grows and develop more,

As long as I can still treasure the moments we had,

As long as there are songs to keep me sane and alive,

As long as things won’t easily fade away,

Let’s keep these going.

The bond we used to have.

The songs we used to love.

The smiles and laughter we share.

The stories that seems endless, a day is not enough to cover it all.

The songs we listen to in every part of our journey.

Let’s stay connected.


Discover more songs as we grow older.

Listen to them, play them in our favorite player or speaker.

As life, is far yet from being over.

Enjoy these moments.

Dance to the songs that have been part of our lives.

Life is so Precious.

Enjoy the music and live your life to the fullest.

There’s just always a rhythm and beats we have to follow.

Someday, you’ll eventually get through with all the trials of life.


Until then, always choose to wear a smile and go along with the beat of life.

Be happy without getting harsh and too hard on yourself.


To everyone who is into composing and writing songs,

Your hard work is always very much appreciated.

Continue to make more and inspire others.


Stay safe always.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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