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The Solution to this Confusion

Carol holds a Masters of science in Economics and she also has years of experience in writing articles about various subjects.


When you're stuck in life

That dream, that wish, that hope

Hang in there

No glimmer, no glamour, nothing fancy

Hang in there

Just a place to call home

A family of my own

Hang in there

To forget the darkness of my past

A peaceful environment at last

Hang in there

That opportunity, that break

A soulmate who’s no fake

Hang in there

An idyllic house, a garden with colorful flowers

Lying on my couch, daydreaming for hours

Hang in there

The neighborhood is changing

Some old folks are no more

A new generation is emerging

And I …

Hang in there

They look at me, mocking

Behind my back they’re talking

Why Lord? Is it to bring me on my knees?

I’m losing hope, please hear my pleas

Hang in there

This time His voice echoes in the night

The heaviness inside subsides

A God given purpose isn’t easy to bear

So, keep the faith and throw out the fear

When you’re stuck, soul searching is key

I know He wants a better me

Lose the hate and hardness of heart

Give forgiveness a place, then life will start

Life is hard most of the time

I’m not just saying this to rhyme

The best advice, though so cliché

The solution to life’s tideway …

Hang in there!


© 2019 Carol Essed

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