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The Solitary Feeling


A feeling inside
That can't be denied
It's hard to describe
Makes you want to hide

It causes you fear
Keeps you scared
Always worried
Thoughts fast & hurried

You feel panicked
Never at ease
Can't relax
Afraid to dream

Sleepless nights
Restless days
Feeling caught
In an emotional maze

A feeling that lingers
Refuses to leave
That washes over you
Like a tidal wave

What is this feeling?
What could it be?
It's pretty simple
It's anxiety

I feel it every second
I feel it everyday
I've tried to fix it
To keep it at bay

Still it has me trapped
Feeling unsafe
Wanting comfort
Hoping it will go away

It's changed my life
It's changed who I am
Anxiety is hard to control
And, even harder to understand

You want to be healed
You want to be whole
A feeling like this
Makes you feel alone

It's easy to feel that way
To think it's just you
However, many have anxiety
They feel this way too

That's why I wanted to share this
It's why I wrote this poem
To show fellow anxiety suffers
You're not really on your own

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