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The Soldier by Kevin Siervo

Kevin Siervo is a Licensed Professional Teacher living in the Philippines specializing in Language and Creative Arts.


The Soldier

By: Kevin Siervo


They ran to the wilds to set the fire on;

Slashing bomb rages! And cowards were forbidden

There were explosions; thousands of cries and mourning;

Amidst the perilous glitters, they’re crawling.


Crawling like a child looking for the caress of his mother

Stolen by the love he never felt before

They’re hungry! They’re begging! With camouflage embossed—

They had codenames, they’re born to fight,

To chase and chased to be shot.


They wore metal caps, embedded dog tags as their masks

Their might sends them to glory

Their courage thrones them to victory

But on the dark side of lighter shade, someone’s crying—

Grasping for salvation in a world where he’s nothing.


One eye couldn’t see his pains

Yet he was clothed but barely naked

Their beliefs were constant—

Still he’s trapped

Locked out in an impossible contrast.


He knew the invisibility of freedom

So he accepted mistakes of his dull wisdom

He can’t be blunt for he’s demure

He may be nothing for them

But they had a world of strange nature.


He’s into lively pastels

Yet they colored him dark gray-green hues

He loves everything nature gives

But destruction seemed unfavored of his beliefs.


For only this mask traps him into a deserted place

And now he’s ready to face the world of happiness and grimaces

He’ll prove he’s worthy of it

Though he knew they wouldn’t tolerate.


It’s the time to show the burlesque he hid for so long

In his own spotlight, a star is blessed

He wore the clothes he wanted

Put up some sparkles on his lips.


Now he’s bearing the other side of him

The demure, the outspoken

The submissive, the candid

The colonel, the mistress—

And his closet.


The look made him enduring

Unbroken like a glass made of steel

The grip of confidence was in him

With a lifting soul he stepped out of the dark side of light—

He smiled.

Loved his true color.

© 2019 Kevin Siervo

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