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The Sojourner


We were always alone even when surrounded by multitudinous noise-boxes
We were always in the best of companies even when locked up in a room by ourselves

Anxiety didn't arise because of current conditions, it always existed in it's various guises
Lasting peace was never established by doing this or that, going somewhere or nowhere

Travel light years without taking a single step
Take a million steps, ending up nowhere

Sitting somewhere and observing our nature and reactions, we gain all that we thought lost; we lose all that we thought gained

Every movement of mind which brings harmony exists with us in each moment
Every harbinger of anxiety that we attempt to escape exists with us in each moment

Banishing our mental projections regarding phenomena, waylaying our old habit-energies and ideas regarding situations is tantamount to the miracles of grace and peace in each raindrop of time

© 2020 Mo Durrani