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The Soft Rock Ballad of Stanley and Iris

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Here's a story of two very different individuals

From different eras with very similar Black Sheep temperaments

Despite what many opinionated observers deemed to be true

Based on a lot of rumor and magazine generated innuendo

Look beyond the gossip rags that could double as toilet paper

And spy two creative souls from differing ends of society's totem pole

Stanley a rebel that came of age in the early 1980s

Fond of Led Zeppelin and The Who's creative madness

A Marlon Brando type of tough guy who smoked Camels until '81

Swore like a truck driver and rode Harley Davidsons on weekends

Resented people with too much authority or their lack of understanding

Teachers unable to look past the Charles Bronson silent fury exterior

To see someone who had more stories than O. Henry could ever beat

Always had sometimes too much to say when out with others

Could hold court with the best comics at The Comedy Store on a dare

An avid bowler on most weekend nights in various leagues

Where he met the other half of the story

Iris, on the other hand, came of age in 2001 and never looked back

A self described girl scout who tended to fear authority too much

Socially awkward and shy when amongst strangers

Someone's fuse shorter than a stick of dynamite on a given day

Identified with Katharine Hepburn more than Audrey Hepburn

Never felt graceful or confident on the dancefloor, or any floor for that matter

Dreamt of being on the stage; but nerves severed that wish quickly

Turned to the pen and the keyboard to express innermost thoughts

Feelings too difficult to verbalize became stories and poems

Felt connected to musicians like David Bowie and Prince

Artists who always perceived and embraced themselves as outsiders

Also loved the rock 'n roll insanity of Zeppelin as well

Able to relate to very few until Stanley entered the bowling alley one day

Found a kindred spirit from another, much preferred, time period

One with a lot of talent and a rebellious streak a mile wide

Gossip and anxiety might serve as extreme complications down the line

Having fun exploring wherever this private road trip leads

Whether on a Harley or taking a walk in the sculpture gardens

The world is our hard, and soft, rock oyster.

Unsure which end belongs Stanley or Iris.

Unsure which end belongs Stanley or Iris.

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