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The Smell of Spring- Poem and Artwork

The four seasons are each so distinct here in New Hampshire. There are specific things that stick in my mind for each one.

When I was Just a Child

I love the way the sun plays

With the shadows on the wall

Through the windows they create a cascade

Of clear golden showers for all.

I have to draw the light in so tight

And hold it close

I don’t want to let go of

This warmth that releases me.

I take it in, all the way in

I breathe in the soft glow

I am at once alive,

I can’t deny

The sun has saved

My silent soul.

When it is spring, I open windows wide

To breath in crisp air intermingled with spice.

I smell the wisps of perfume

When I am in my mother’s room.

What words could I use

To express the sweet bliss

Of fragrances that blend

All the smells are defined

In my nostrils

Completely intertwined.


As I Get Older

I smell

the maple coursing through trees


the end of winter fakes a thaw


The wind does not feel as raw.

I breathe in

the warmth.

I see

puddles perforating the pavement

As the

rotten filth is washed away

by the

rain that fell the other day.

I soak

it in.

As with Spring,

as with me.

It's time for

A new beginning.

Here is one of my favorite flowers Can you guess what it is?

Here is one of my favorite flowers Can you guess what it is?

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© 2012 Erin Buttermore

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