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The Small Gourd #2

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The drugs she used perhaps were overdose as she will not come around after using the

Drugs and she was rushed to the hospital where she has been confirmed dead by the medical

Doctor after three days that she has been in coma at the intensive care unit of the hospital.

God gives and God takes away, glory be the name of the Lord that was the response of

The man when this woman died. He decided that he will not take to wife another woman

Again irrespective of what anyone says as he will be taken care of his daughter. The

Daughter is eleven years old when her mother died. Since then, she has been there for

Her. When she was fifteen years old that was when the issue with his partners developed

And he went to bank to deposit all that he had worked for in the bank. On getting to the

Bank, he used the name of his daughter as his next of kin to his possessions that he

Has saved in the bank. He did not trust people for he thought he had trusted his partners

Before forming alliance with them, and now that things have turned negative he could

Not trust anyone again. Therefore, he got a small gourd and puts his copies of the

Documents that he has been given at the bank after the deal has been sealed there.

He sutured the gourd together and hanged it at the living room where everyone would

Be seeing it. Those who were seeing the gourd started having another thought about

The man that he has been employing the services of the traditionalists to protect himself

While some of his servants considered the gourd to be another form of decoration for

Daughtry - Traitor (Lyrics)

The rich people’s behaviors sometimes could be funny, what they should not

Magnify they will magnify. In all of these no one could confront him of what the

Content of the gourd in the living room was. He puts the gourd at the living room to

Escape suspicion of the people. For when they have been seeing it regularly the

People may not attach much importance to it later. About six months after doing this,

Those people sent hired killers to attack him. Before he breath his last after he has been

Attacked by the hired killers, he told his daughter to remove the gourd and flee the

Island to wherever she can go. When she gets to where she considers safe, she should

Open the gourd and she will find something there for her with that she can start her

Life. The daughter does this before people came in to commiserate with her on the

Demise of her father. She later discovered that all the shares his father had in the

Companies have been tampered with, and because they know that the man’s daughter

Could be a problem to them, they wanted to eliminate her too. On noticing this, she

Has to flee the island as his father had advised before his death, that those who sent hired

Killers to him could also be after her. On getting to where she considers safe that was

When she opened the content of the gourd. In there she discovered the neatly wrapped

Documents of the bank stating the money that has been fixed in the bank and she is the

Next of kin on the document. She was eighteen going to nineteen when this happened.

She contacted the bank through email for she was afraid of going directly

To the bank because of those seeking her life. The bank manager promises to help her

Without the knowledge of anyone. She was elated to hear this and someone was gotten

For her it was through this person that she possesses her possessions back and would

Leave the island for another afterwards.