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The Small Gourd #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is one of the richest man on the island, he has chains of businesses and

He is a partner to different group of companies. In the recent times he has been

Having issues with his partners he had challenged some of them of how they are

Handling the income of the company and it seems as if this does not go down well

With some of them, for they are all stakeholders in the companies and ought to be at

Liberty to do what they want in the company. He felt otherwise for he was hoping that

The chains of company need to be extended, they need to take their companies to

Other continents of the world that they have not reached. Others feel, taken their companies

To other countries of the world should not debar them from enjoyment from spending out

Of the income of the companies after all, the capital invested is yet intact, it has not been

Touched by them, but he feels otherwise, there should be limitations to this. He has been

Their headache when it concerns spending out of the gains of the companies and they have

Gathered against him, they had started to meet secretly thinking about what they shall

Do for him. He did not know this, because he thought what is always good is speaking

Your mind to people and after you have spoken your mind, the burden in one’s mind would

Be lifted and the person would be a free man, he is in the oblivion that one needs wisdom

In stating all that is one’s mind sometimes lest one becomes trapped. He is a kind of person

That has the talent of dream, and often times when danger is at hand he will dream about it.

This happened as he dreamt of his partners and saw them discussing about him, what he

Saw in the dream was bad. When he wakes up he knows that his partners are planning

Something terrible on him. He does not know what he needs to do to prevent this from

Happening to him. He tried to move closer to them, interacting with them individually

But he discovers that they are not free with him as they used to be freed with him before.

As he continues to ruminate on what to do, it crosses his mind that he needs to secure what

Betrayal - Michael Learns To Rock

He has, in securing what he has, he decides to go to the bank to go and deposit the money

With him for he knows doing that would keep the money secured. For he is sure that the

People who are not happy with him now, may not be ready to give his daughter out of the

Stakes he has invested in the conglomerate. He has been married twice, the first wife did

Not give birth to any child for him before she died when their marriage was ten years old.

They were on their way to marking the tenth-year wedding anniversary when the terrible

Incident happened and their vehicle had an accident, she died on the spot. After two

Years of mourning for his wife, he hearkened to the words of comfort of people and agrees

To marry another wife. He used the next 8 months to search for another woman that he

Would be married to. After long search, he was able to prove one of his members of

Staff to be faithful, and he got married to her. This young lady was surprised when he asks

Her out. She has not been exposed to such before and had been looking for a responsible

Bachelor to be romantically involved with until the chairman comes her way. She

Discusses this with her friends who told her that there is nothing wrong with it. Then, she

Starts going out with him. Weeks after she had moved into his apartment and they had

Formalized everything. She gave birth to three premature babies who eventually died.

When she became pregnant for the fourth time, the medical personnel took proper care of

Her and the pregnancy and she was able to deliver the pregnancy safely. This fourth issue

Is a baby girl. They had been taken care of the baby girl and she has grown up rapidly.

The woman had insomnia and went to the hospital to complain. She was given certain

Drugs by the medical personnel who attended to her.


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