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The Sleeping Master #2

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Thus, when he was learning the art and he was sent alongside with others into the

Forbidden forest, the people have said he was arguing with others that he did not believe that

The fruit would harm anyone, that if it would harm anyone when tasted alone, it would have

Polluted other things added to it and bringing about deaths of people too. While he kept

On arguing with others they left him alone to do what he likes but they resolved that they will

Not do anything that their master has not sanctioned for them. what he has sanctioned and

Which he expects of them to do is getting the fruits for him to teach them how to make

Those things and or give them to use to grow more in the art. He agreed with them and after

Getting the fruit for their master, he had tasted part of the fruit on getting home during the

Time their master was teaching them about the mixture. Nothing seems to happen to him

Some days afterwards, but by the following week it was detected that, he used to feel tired

After brief trainings and would go to a place and would doze off. His master did not notice

This early but when he noticed it and asks of what it is that the problem was with him, he

Had told his master that it may the effect of the fruits he has taken while mixing the

Components up. His master on getting this, decided to send him off the training ground. After

He left the training camp, he moved far off his master to another island, and there he had

Fought with the title holder and defeated him. After defeating the man, parents started to

Bring their children to him because he looks level headed than other trainers around. That

Was how he established his school and the school started growing. However, the negative

Consequences of the fruit that he had taken those years have not left him, as such it has been

Discovered that minutes after training the pupils he will leave for a corner to take a nap, the

Nap sometimes may grow into sleeping and he will sleep off. His students are ranked

Among the best among the sporting schools that are in the island, the worst of his students

Could defeat the best of some of the sporting schools students’ in the island, this endear the

Parents hearts to his school because the sport is a compulsory one in the island. It was

Noticed that some people have moved into the island and have been attacking some of the

Schools in the island, looting and destroying some of their properties. This news had gotten

To the Dozing Master, but he takes no action against them, saying they may have done

Something wrong to the people because no sane person would just move to a place and start

Looting and destroying people’s properties if those people have not wronged them, that was

What he replies them with, unknown to him that those people also have plans for his

School to attack the school. Those people have heard that the school is a strong one within

The island and if they wanted to go there, they need to be very prepared because the students

Epic Chinese Music - Kung Fu

There are not easy nut to crack like other schools. Thus, those people have retreated to do

Further trainings before they attacked his school. When they arrived the town that day, the

People have been scampering for safety because they arrived in multitudes and moved

Straight to the Dozing Master’s school. On getting to the place they met his students

Doing training and the students have been matching them wit-for-wit until they could not

Hold them any longer and they defeated the students. And they had asked from the students

Their master, the students have led them to their master, who was still sleeping, and

Before they could get to him he arose suddenly because the sound of their steps have entered

His ossicles into his inner ears and he has woken up albeit pretending as if he is yet sleeping,

While they made attempt at getting to him, he arose and like wounded lion started

Fighting with the people. He at first ensures that he delivered some of his students who he

Knows are powerful so that they will give him helping hand against the enemies. As he has

Delivered about seven of his stronger boys from their hands, they started fighting the

Enemies and he singularly handled about three quarter of the enemies while the other battle

With the one quarter. That was how they overpowered them and they asked them to lead

Them to where they had carried the looted items from other schools of the island and

Went and gotten for those people their looted items. His students were amazed that day at

What happened, they knew he is a good trainer but they never knew his skills are still there

Especially when the enemies have arrived when he was sleeping, and he told them some

Days after the incident that though he used to sleep but most of the times when he was

Sleeping he uses to see his late mentor and trainer training him in his dreams, and that is why

Often times when he wakes up, the new skill he has not learnt physically when they all

Have resorted to their beds he will undergo special trainings for himself to master what he

Has learnt in his dreams, and during the daylight, when after given them instructions on what

To do, he will resort to a corner to take a nap, resting, but some of them have

Misconstrued this for weakness. Their students looked at one another’s eyes and nodded that

He is right and they are wrong as they bowed again to their master.


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