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The Sleeping Master #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


One thing is common with the master of the students learning some arts of fighting

In the school of sports in the island, and it is that, after he has given the students under

Him the necessary instructions for the day, he will go to a corner to sit down watching

The students as they are carrying out what he has instructed them to do, and while

Watching them, the students have noticed that he will start dozing, while he is dozing, as

If he has some powers that do reveal the position of the students to him, those who have

Failed to carry out what he has instructed them to do, he will decipher, at the initial time

He used to tell them those who have not carry out his instructions as he has told them, but

As time passes on, he stopped telling them those who have not carry out what he has

Instructed them, the students would not know why he has stopped to do this and the lazy

Ones amongst them have thought the revelation powers of the master has eluded him, but

Unknown to them that his power never eludes him, he just feels like not talking about it again

For he believes that whatsoever anyone sows that he or she would reap, one day during

Their training he told them that, he is reaping what he has sown, he is reaping the much he

Has invested into the art while he was learning the sport under his master in a very far island.

History gathered by some of the students show that he was the best among his peers when

He was young and that was what pushed his parents to get him enrolled in the art under the

Most powerful teacher of the island. When he got to the man he was performing

Exceptionally and it was not long that he overtook all he had met at the training ground

And he was been called the junior master. But on assuming this position, their master sent

Them to get for him a certain fruit in the forbidden wilderness. The wilderness is called

Forbidden because many of the fruits there though beautiful and inviting must not be

Tasted, for if one tastes it would have negative effects on the person and according to what

Some people say, it may make the person lose his power and ability to fight and also that

There are many dangerous animals there among other deadly things. However, there is one

Of those fruits which when mixed with some other leaves and an oil chaff forms another

Compound which the sportsmen use to have more vigor and power and strength for their

Daily activities and the sports. When they want to go for battle such is highly

Recommended for the sportsmen. This kind of fruit has been tried to be planted at some other

Places because people dread the forbidden forests, but it has been discovered that the fruit

Does not grow in other parts of the island apart from the forbidden wilderness. Many of

The researchers of their days have been looking into why the fruit when sown into other parts

Of the island does not survive there except on the forbidden forests alone, but none of the

Researchers have gotten close to unraveling the reason behind it growing at the forbidden

Island alone. Thus the people have come to believe that the fruit is some form of mysterious

Fruits that the supreme one has planted at a mysterious place. His master sent him with others

To the forbidden wilderness because it was one of the criteria to be fulfilled to really

Become master unto other servants, anyone who will become master would visit the deadly

Forest alongside others who their master considers to be in the same category to go and get

The fruits which would be mingled with other things for them to have more power and

Possess other skills in the art and act of the sport. They are been sent in group because, they

Need to deliberate on the way on some things to be done, they need to take difficult and hard

Decisions, which would require intelligence among other things before such fruits could

Be gotten to and plucked.


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