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The Skill of Writing—Poem

The Skill of Writing

The Skill of Writing

Weekly Word Prompt—Writing

The Skill of Writing

It takes time, patience, observation, perseverance and genuine hard work to become a good published writer.
Most of us started writing in our younger days, because we felt the need to express ourselves.
In other words, writing is the communication of ideas, stories, knowledge, and the thoughts of the writer.
Writing is a special and specific skill, which enables the writer to put his/ her thoughts into words, into a meaningful form, to convey a message.
Written ideas and thoughts are powerful medium, to influence the readers, their thoughts and opinion.
The writers do have a great responsibility, because their words matter.
Word Prompt—Writing

Another week, and another interesting word Prompt by dear friend and fellow writer, Brenda.
I have published some articles on this topic earlier, but they were all content and information based.
Thank you Brenda, for inspiring me to write something creative on ‘Writing.’
Here is my response to the word prompt—Writing.

Hope you like it.

Online Writing

Online Writing

The Skill of Writing: Poem

Writers are made, not born,

Yes, that' s what I believe,

If you have a flair for words,

If you‘re interested in reading,

If you‘re curious about things around,

If you’re determined to succeed,

Yes, you can be a writer,

You can certainly make it,

Writing is a skill,

As creative as all artistic skills,

Can be learnt and developed,

With proper instructions and practice,

The more you read and write,

The better and better you become,

When you’ve your first success,

It's a wonderful feeling,

Who can forget the thrill,

Of one's first payments,

With success, comes recognition,

prestige, satisfaction, self-confidence,

And, faith in one's creative ability,

That grows day by day,

Writing is therapeutic,

It heals and mends,

Helps, not only the writer,

But, anyone who reads the words,

Writing is self expression,

Practiced through progression.

Interesting Quotes

“Writing is the best way to talk, without being interrupted.”

—Jules Renard

“Write, what should not be forgotten.”

—Isabel Allende

“Writing to me, is simply, thinking through the fingers.”

— Issac Asimov

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”

—Benjamin Franklin

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