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The Skies Are So Blue Today

Collage of flowers and trees in the garden


Nature has a way of beckoning you closer to behold it's beauty

The skies are so blue today

not a breath of wind

Eagles soar high above on thermals

not seen with the naked eye

Bumble bees buzz past my hair

Colours and scents

fill the air

what beauty and freedom nature brings

far from madding crowds and the biz of the city

Floral heads delight in the sun

their brightness fills my senses

Opening my eyes wider than normal

I see things in a way like never before

like a child beholding a butterfly for the first time.

It is possible to become more aware

of nature that is always there

Waiting to be appreciated and looked apon

a little flower sitting alone near a brook

just a shift of attitude that is all it took.

to see God's creation opening

so we can get a better look.

Delicate cerise and yellow flowers, swaying in the soft breeze


Colours in the garden flow harmoniously together

A garden is like a tapestry of many textures and colours woven together to create a beautiful picture that imprints itself on our mind and hearts.

Beautiful Pink Hibiscus


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