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The Sins We Breed!

An English Language teacher by profession opting to be a poetess!


Sin we do, sin we eat
Sin we dare, sin we see
Sin we follow, sin we breed
Sin of pride, sin of greed
Sin of envy, sin of wrath we keep
Sin of lust and sin of sloth we proceed
Sin of gluttony, we whole life creed

Sins of sin we all feed
Sin of anger, sin of bleed
Sin of pomp and show we freed
A sinful life, we all lead
For sin we live in and for sin we tread
Sin has become itself our greed
Sin is all we have to stream

Sin is what our virtue we preach
Sins of sin, we dwell in between
Seven are the sins we deadly heed
Forgetting the life of virtues to lead
Keeping our sins we always believe
Though its virtue, we should actually accede

Such a sinful life we read and speed
Such a lowly business we deal
Such a shame we have made our deed
Such a low trade we have done indeed!

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir

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