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The Singing Wind

Poeticnurse is a Student Nurse studying for her BSc at the university of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


I heard the wind whisper my name,
name a moment I would ever trade for this,
this whisper indeed made my heart sunk
into the depths of nowhere
till I felt the presence of everywhere.
Everywhere became still while
the trees danced to the music
played by the wind.
I saw the different things it did,
I felt the push,
I heard it's call,
but itself it did hid.
My sunken heart leaped
as it shattered down my windows of paradise
from the sacred path it tread
to the ordinary bench I sat
it sang, breaking all the chains of sorrows
upon my heart
till I was bathed in happiness.
Hide and seek it really was
till it left me lonely
on the bench I sat
ignorant of it's second appearance
I sat still till the
earth yawned goodnight
and closed it's dreamy eyes.

© 2019 Poeticnurse

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