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The Silent Little Thief

Ruby writes from the Philippines. Aside from writing, she enjoys organic gardening and researching anything useful and helpful.


The Silent Little Thief

Adults, teens, and children--everyone knows Her,

Her name chimes in everybody's ear

Her fame lures both young and old,

She holds a post in every office, home, and--church,

in someone's bag, pocket, and--heart.

She is the first thing you pat

As you open your eyes in the morning,

She is the last thing you touch

Before you close your eyes at night

And in between sunrise, midday, and dusk.

Day time, She always sits beside you

At night, She lies right next to you,

When you're awake, She never goes ahead of you

And She does not walk behind you,

Oh yes, She goes with you wherever you go.

She makes you laugh

But at times, She makes you cry,

She makes you so happy

Then later, she makes you gloomy

Because She lets you go hungry.

She takes most of your time to study,

Teacher, "I don't have an assignment today,"

"I wasn't able to read my lesson,"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," to your teacher you creatively say.

"I got no time, am always busy" you add craftily.

She gets most of you socially,

"Let's go and play", your friends would say,

"Oh no, please, not me" you refuse sheepishly.

I can't, I've plenty of things to do

And am a busy person you know.

My dear friend, slowly but surely,

She is in you, a little silent thief

A tiny sweet-looking creepy object

She holds most living beings--erudite or ill-bred captive

Then, She slowly, cunningly, and subtly, steals nothing else but--You.

© 2022 Ruby Campos