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The Silent Knight

The Silent Knight


The Silent Knight

There was a knight so bold and true

Met a dragon, unfazed then slew

the beast with his mighty sword of light.

But not a soul knew of the glorious fight

He faced a ghoul, fought so cruel in the ice

Blood spattered, then he muttered, “so nice”

“that I will rid this world from demon’s old”

But no one was told of his devise

He dreamed of peace, a life of ease

A world of never-ending breeze.

But not a soul knew, not even a few,

Of his bravery all evil would cease

One day, the knight fell ill

On his creaking bed he lied there still

From his lonely house on top of a hill

He painfully muttered, “No peace, if there’s no will”

Meanwhile dark forces crawled in the night

Bringing malice and chaos and hatred ignite.

“Please save us!”, cried the people with fright.

From his ill bed rose the silent knight

He faced the demons ready to kill.

Stumbling and hurting as he wield his sword ill.

The demons laughed with their loudest shrill

While he muttered, “No peace, if there’s no will”

He slew the demons, fiercely and bold

The ghouls and dragons, as they fled the world

Evil was foiled and our hero was toiled

From the heat of battle, blood and sweat boiled.

On top of the hill, the knight retreated

Tired and ill, he had conceded

The world flourished, a never-ending breeze

All was at peace, life was at ease.

As people began to wonder why the sun is always bright.

When during dark times and yonder, there was always light.

Great evils of old will fear our hero’s might.

But not a soul knew of the brave silent knight

© 2019 Elly Mark Amba

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