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Insomniac: My Silent Killer

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My Silent Killer

I'm breathing the lasts of air
I'm tired of this
My ears are filled with your voice again
The silent killer of my happiness
A total destroyer of my hopes

You dragged me in the pit of darkness
I am scared but you don't care
If I am alive still
Because you always see that I am wrong
One move and I die

I wanna escape, just leave and live
But I was chained, everyday was a curse!
I am a living dead
A body with no soul
A girl with no heart

You overlooked my sufferings
You are happy with it
Why must you hurt me?
I have no tears left
No energy for your endless doubts

I wanted to count my years
Of how many times I wanted to end it
I thirst freedom from your lair
I wanted a life at this very moment
But the gun is in my head

My broken feeling is dominating me again
It's hard to keep my life
Negativities are overflowing
I am scared and alone
Uncertain if I'll be able to wake up every morning

I scarce everything
The colors are fading
My life is dull and empty
I'm afraid it's not worth living anymore
I wish to vanish
Why this numbed heart can still feel the pain?

I am slowly fading in the vastness of your strong personality
I am vehemently praying for love and patience
Love and patience dear God
Don't let me die because of this pain
I wanna live and laugh
But this monstrous fella is strangling me

© 2019 Crezyl