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The Silence of the Masses

A mother possum snoozes after a storm.

A mother possum snoozes after a storm.

The vast majority of creatures on this green earth,

Given life to survive by humankind and of its worth.

A responsibility of ours and is each to keep in kind,

Not one excused from this charge, to keep in mind.

The handicapped, all those who do so struggle in life,

More understanding of these rules, in their own strife.

The greedy ones who have no consciences, to sneer,

Play by their own rule books, the many that we all fear.

A goose family

A goose family

Why should masses suffer so much, at the hands of a few,

Must we always endure pain, caused by what others do?

When will enough be enough, no more waiting for change,

How may we repair all damage done, some way rearrange?

Could we go on another decade, to watch the last straw fall,

Witnessing the end of us each, to be too late for one and all?

What will it take to repair and remove, destruction and waste,

History has shown us that it can't be done in such great haste.

God's wrath awaits...

God's wrath awaits...

How much longer will it be, for the strong to speak out,

Must we all climb to the stars, giving a greatest shout?

Who do we call upon and where must we all then to go,

What is meant by a majority rules, that we must show?

No more is there to be silence, a hushed quiet to remain,

The concerned, the whole of mankind, now shall so reign!

This longest wait is over, no more do we all feel so alone,

Indeed, we are united in spirit, our souls, this to be shown!

Days of more!

Days of more!

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