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The Signs Of Spring/Inspiration


The Signs Of Spring

Bears awake From winter slumber Bunnies hop around With exploration & wonder Trees are full With leaves of green Flowers bloom While birds sing

The sun is bright The sky is water blue Clouds like cotton candy What a beautiful view Butterflies emerge From their caterpillar cocoon Red ladybugs come out To bring good luck to you

The grass is growing Spring has sprung Winter is gone Though, it still lingers some

Spring is filled with life It's nature's art Spring brings joy To all our hearts Spring is fresh Filled with imagination Mother nature's gift God's creation



Inspiration comes fast Inspiration goes past Inspiration doesn't last Inspiration is inside Inspiration often hides Seek what you wish to find Find what you wish Find inspiration in the stars Find inspiration in the sun Where inspiration truly lies Inspiration lies in your heart Inspiration lies in your soul If that is truly so Once you find your inspiration Make sure to never let it go

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