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The Significance of Symbols


The Significance of Symbols

Signs identify Symbols represent They have a lot of meaning They have much intent A heart is what we have It's where we feel A heart represents love That's true and real

A smile is what we have When we are joyful with glee A smiley face represents happiness Something everyone wants to see Peace is what we feel When everything is calm A peace sign represents peace Something the world is lax on

Balance is what we need To keep us on an even keel A yin yang represents balance Which helps us to deal There's many different symbols That stand for many different things Here's a few others and, what they each bring

The sun brings positivity The moon brings dreams Stars were made for wishes The cross stands for faith & belief Rainbows equal hope Clouds equal imagination Each of these symbols Can ease your frustration

They each have a power They each have a meaning They each can help us In becoming a better human being

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